Property Condition Assessments for Commercial Properties 

Property Condition Assessments for Commercial Properties 

Property Condition Assessments (PCA’s) are a vital due diligence process in purchasing or maintaining a commercial building. Vertical transportation is one of the most critical, and costly, assets within a commercial building. We are your trusted property condition assessment partner with the experience and expertise to provide due diligence property assessments for whatever your needs.   

property condition assessment

When selling or buying a building, conducting a due diligence audit, elevator audit, or vertical transportation audit to verify that the equipment is in its best shape from a safety, reliability, code compliance, and performance standpoint is essential to protect you from various risks.

When selling, Argon Consulting’s audit will uncover elevator deficiencies that need to be addressed by the incumbent elevator service provider. These deficiencies are usually cured in a timely manner to meet the time frame of your sale.

When buying a building, bringing in an elevator consultant and not relying on the building data or personnel has proven to save clients millions of dollars. Argon Consulting are industry experts who can determine the condition of the equipment, code compliance issues, and deferred maintenance. Argon Consulting will review historical elevator data for the building to assure you, the buyer, thoroughly understand any/all matters related to the elevator equipment allowing you to adequately negotiate the costs associated with repairing the equipment. We will provide full details on the proper escrow allocation necessary to protect you. 

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