Elevator Traffic Simulation

Elevator Traffic Simulation & Analysis

Modern vertical transportation is complicated, and traffic analysis and coinciding simulation is imperative to ensure a functional design and smooth operation.

elevator traffic simulation

Having served 8 years on a global R&D team for a global elevator/escalator manufacturer and consulted to three of the world’s top elevator/escalator manufacturers, Russ Viciedo is well-versed in elevator, escalator, and moving walkway designs and innovations with respect to technology, design, green initiatives, and regulations allowing for a professionally designed and managed project.  Argon Consulting fully understands the criticality of properly designing today’s buildings.  

To do so, the design team must fully understand the vertical traffic flow requirements and how a modern elevator system can handle them. Argon Consulting provides analysis and elevator traffic simulations allowing the design team to understand and visualize the traffic flows.

Most elevator consultants provide traditional elevator traffic study or traffic analysis which is largely based upon up-peak calculations. Some consultants also considered other passenger flows such as down-peak, two-way, and inter-floor traffic flows. However, none of these considerations apply to modern destination dispatch control platforms utilizing complex algorithms and artificial intelligence.  Argon Consulting offers the most state-of-the-art traffic simulations that closely replicate destination control performance and capabilities.  Therefore, Argon Consulting provides some of the most advanced building design assistance available.

Learn more about what an Elevator Traffic Simulation is, its benefits, strategic insights, and the future of elevator systems.