A Breadth of Global Experience to Better Represent You

Argon Elevator Consulting provides asset preservation, tenant satisfaction, liability mitigation, and many more services.

argon elevator consulting - about

Argon Consulting is a private elevator and escalator consulting firm with no conflicting ties or associations with any elevator manufacturers, inspectors, or authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Ask yourself if your current consultant truly represents you, or if they represent the equipment manufacturer and/or service provider while billing you. Our complete autonomy in the industry allows us to truly represent you, our client. Our focus and judgment is never clouded by associations, or loyalties, to parties who very well have a conflict of interest with our client.  

Non-proprietary elevator equipment and services is a key topic in our industry. Does your provider and/or consultant really understand the practical definition of non-proprietary? Argon does and has copyright-protected specification language which will provide you with the assurance that you will be protected in the future. Again, our autonomy in the industry allows us to specialize in assuring our client has true non-proprietary specification language when warranted.

With Argon, you will never receive a report that is “canned” or an obvious “copy/paste” from another one of our client’s engagements. You will receive detailed reports which are the true output of our engagement with you, our client.

Argon Elevator Consulting brings 32 years of experience, including 6 years of global experience. Russ Viciedo has a great deal of experience and is equally as comfortable representing the small building owner as he is representing a Fortune 50 executive.  

Argon Elevator Consulting provides a full complement of elevator and escalator consulting services ensuring you the highest quality of asset preservation, tenant satisfaction, and liability mitigation. Argon Consulting is a Colorado-based firm operating globally.